Rack Report: A Buck Named Big Bob

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Rack Report: A Buck Named Big Bob

Posted 2013-10-23T13:44:00Z  by  Mike Lambeth

Rack Report Details
Buck:185 inches
Time of Year:October 2013
Place:Johnston County, OK
Weapon: Ross Crave bow, QAD Exodus broadheads  Bowhunting 

Michael Harrell is no stranger to hunting and filming big bucks. Once a member of the Buckventures Outdoors pro-staff, Harrell has taken some nice bucks. He even passed on shooting a 200-inch buck nicknamed Big Boy on a few occasions due to insufficient camera light. The giant buck was later killed by another hunter - to Harrell's chagrin - but that served as a turning point in the bowhunter's life.

I really was obsessed with shooting that buck, he said. God revealed to me that I had my priorities all wrong, so I decided to take a different approach to deer hunting. I now use hunting as a ministry, while making sure that my church, family and friends come before hunting.

Three years ago, Harrell joined up with Final Descent Outdoors, a Christian-based outdoor television show where he is a pro-staff member. He and cameraman Adam Nicholas hunt together and take turns filming each other. Harrell also started his own local television show called Surrender Outdoors.

In 2012, Harrell picked up a new piece of hunting property in Johnston County, located in southern Oklahoma. He set out some trail cameras in July and was excited to see a nice buck on his new spot. The buck looked to be 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 years old, and was estimated to score in the mid-140s. Harrell nicknamed the buck Big Bob, and decided to give him another year to amass more bone. Once the season began, Big Bob vanished for two months and wasn't seen again until January.

This past summer, trail camera photos revealed that Big Bob had put on nearly 50 inches of new bone. There were also photos of a nice 10-point buck hanging out in the vicinity.

On Oct.12, Harrell and Nicholas went into the woods for an afternoon hunt. Since Big Bob was almost nocturnal, they were really hoping for a chance at the 10-pointer. The temperature was warm and at 5:45 p.m., the big 10-pointer walked out. Nicholas got the event on video, but he also had his bow beside him. Harrell whispered to Nicholas, Hand me the camera and get your bow.

Nicholas was prepared to shoot his best buck ever when Harrell suddenly found another buck on the camera's screen - it was Big Bob! Harrell whispered back to Nicholas, Let me shoot him! Nicholas took the camera back without hesitation.

The great buck walked to within 26 yards of their treestands. Harrell took careful aim and let the arrow go, dropping the brute in his tracks.

The pair climbed down and went to retrieve Harrell's trophy. The buck was nearly 22 inches wide, sported four drop tines and had 19 scorable points. The buck was later scored at 185 inches, but actually might be larger due to scoring interpretations. (Editor's Note: It looks bigger than that to us.)

The experience was awesome! Harrell said. I was so thankful, I was praising the Lord!

He also credited Jeff Danker from Buckventures with the best hunting advice he's ever learned: "It doesn't matter if you wear scent-control clothing or not; you have to hunt with the wind in your favor."

I absolutely follow Jeff's advice and only hunt with the correct wind, Harrell said.

As a fitting end to the story, the following evening Nicholas arrowed that 10-pointer, his best buck ever.

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