Rack Report: Madison Donihoo's Youth Season Buck

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Rack Report: Madison Donihoo's Youth Season Buck

Posted 2014-04-14T10:40:00Z  by  Mike Lambeth

Rack Report Details
Buck:160-inch, Non-Typical
Time of Year:October 2013
Place:Kingfisher County, OK
Weapon: Howa .25-06 rifle   

Sixteen-year-old Madison Donihoo is the envy of her high school classmates, especially several of the guys. While hunting with her dad, Kyle, during Oklahoma's Youth Gun Season, Madison got an opportunity at an amazing buck.

Thanks to Kyle's guidance, Madison began learning to hunt at the age 12. They spend most of their hunting time on his Kingfisher County lease (located in central Oklahoma), where Madison has already tagged seven does. However, she really wanted a buck. My dad knows a lot about deer hunting, Madison said. I really enjoy hunting with him and getting to shoot my gun, too.

The Donihoo's lease is surrounded by properties that are well-managed for trophy bucks, which makes it a great spot, too. Kyle's brother, Brian, took a 145-class buck there, and Madison's mother, Jennie, shot a 135-class buck.

Kyle checked his game cameras on Sept. 22 and to his delight, had photos of an enormous buck. His nickname for the deer was pretty simple. It would be dubbed The Big One, since it was the biggest buck he had ever seen. When archery season opened, he logged several trips to his lease, but never saw the notorious buck.

Oklahoma's Youth Season opened on Friday, Oct. 18. Kyle picked up Madison after school and they drove to the lease, arriving at 4:30 that afternoon. While walking in together, Kyle silently prayed that God would bless his daughter with the opportunity to harvest The Big One.

As they walked toward a tower blind, they spooked a doe and fawn. When they got to the tower, Madison surveyed the location and asked, Where's the corn feeder?

Kyle said, I moved it over by the other stand.

To which she responded, Well, I don't feel good about this stand.

Kyle agreed with Madison's assessment, so they walked 300 yards to another tower blind, where they climbed in and began their vigil. Soon the doe and fawn came back and then, two more does showed up. A button buck and a young 7-pointer joined the party a short time later. Suddenly, both bucks raised their heads and stared intently to the north. There's another buck coming, I'll guarantee it, Kyle said. Get your gun and get ready.

Madison grabbed her rifle and within seconds a buck appeared - it was The Big One! The huge deer walked in and stood 25 yards away. When the buck turned broadside, Madison made a perfect shot. The buck bolted 15 yards before vanishing into some thick trees. Kyle saw the blood-stained side of the buck, and he knew his daughter's shot had hit the vitals.

After a short wait, Kyle and Madison went to look for her trophy. Kyle was intent on searching for blood, but Madison smiled and said, Dad, he's not over there. I saw him fall over here. The confident huntress then walked straight to her buck.

I was so excited when I saw the buck fall, she said. I have learned that you just have to be patient when you hunt.

The Big One had 12 points, good mass and later scored 160 inches.

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