An Early Season Canadian Giant

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An Early Season Canadian Giant

Posted 2018-09-28T23:28:00Z  by  Steve Gullickson

A Second Chance at a Booner Pays Off

Rack Report Details
Buck:202 6/8 Inches
Time of Year:September 1, 2018
Place:Alberta, Canada
Weapon: .338 Remington Ultra Mag  Rifle 

Michael Marta's buck is truly a world-class specimen. (Michael Marta photo)

Wisconsin resident Michael Marta started his hunting career at the early age of 5. His grandfather, who hunted just about everything, shared his passion with Michael. After decades of hunting, Michael still loves to get after whitetails, even if it means taking a long trip to northern Alberta to kick off the early season.

Six years ago, Michael made his first journey to northern Alberta to hunt deer.

My very first time out, I saw a 200-inch buck, but it was too far out to get a shot, Marta said.

He has been hooked on this location since, making yearly trips. Who wouldn't be after seeing a buck of this caliber?

The hunt for this deer is a journey Marta won't soon forget. (Michael Marta photo)Last year during the 2017 season, Michael had an impressive 13-point buck come out by his stand.

I estimated him to score about 160 to 170 inches, Marta said. I passed him up three days in a row.

Second guessing himself, he was considering taking him, but the deer never showed himself again during that hunting trip. In 2018, his rancher friend and guide called Michael to let him know the buck made it through the tough Alberta winter, and was spending time near his stand. Michael was very excited to hear this news and booked another hunt this year for the opener. He wanted this second chance.

September 1 arrived and the weather was clear and warm. Temps were in the upper 60s. Marta was set up in an elevated 4x8 blind that was appropriately named after him, called the Marta blind. It overlooked a 1-square-mile field of oats, beans and alfalfa, surrounded by woods.

Just as the sun was setting, the big buck came out of the woods about 800 yards away with two 12-point and two 10-point bucks, Marta said. When I saw him, I never even considered shooting a different deer.

The brute was feeding his way, but then went behind a patch of willows.

I whispered a little prayer and about 10 minutes later, the buck came into view again about 300 yards away, Marta said.

Knowing he wasn't a great tracker, Michael wanted to make a good shot and drop the deer quickly. Raising his .338 Remington ultra mag, Michael put the crosshairs on the trophy buck and settled in for the shot.

The buck dropped right in his tracks, which is what I like to see, Marta said.

After contacting his friend, he came over to him and they exchanged handshakes and a couple shoulder bumps. Both were very excited about the successful hunt and closing the deal on this second-chance buck. The velvet brute green scored 202 6/8 inches.

This is my best buck to date and my first velvet buck, too, Marta said.

I'm guessing there will be future trips back to Alberta for Michael.

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