An Extremely Wide Buck Falls in the South

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An Extremely Wide Buck Falls in the South

Posted 2018-10-19T15:10:00Z  by  Josh Honeycutt

Have You Ever Seen a Buck This Wide?

Rack Report Details
Buck:193 Inches (Gross)
Time of Year:October 5, 2018 (MLDP Tag Used)
Place:Uvalde County, Texas
Weapon: Savage Long-Range Hunter  Rifle 

Mike Stroff proudly shows of his big South Texas buck. (Photo courtesy of Mike Stroff)

Almost every deer hunt begins in the same manner. You put on your camo. You gather your gear. You walk to your treestand or ground blind. But the endings — and even the middle — are never the same. No two hunts are alike. There's always something new happening and you never truly know what to expect. Sure, you might anticipate seeing a certain deer from time to time. But you never know for certain whether or not you'll fill your tag.

But you can hope.

And that's exactly what Realtree pro staffer and Savage Outdoors TV Host Mike Stroff did. He put in the time, work and effort to lead up to the outcome that occurred on October 5.

No matter what angle you look from, this is a giant white-tailed deer. (Photo courtesy of Mike Stroff)See, Stroff had been hunting the 6 ½-year-old monarch for a while. He had a lot of history with the buck. The journey was a long one, but the destination proved worthy of the blood, sweat and tears to get there.

We had been watching this deer for two years, Stroff said. He grew almost 30 inches this year.

Grow it did. The whitetail's massive beams, spread and tine length all vouch for that.

The day of the hunt arrived, and it was like other times they'd hunted in Texas — hot. Really hot. The sun beat down on them as they sat and waited on the big deer. It was thrashing them with 90-degree waves of sweltering heat. That's rough deer hunting weather, to say the least.

The action had been slow. But the South-Texas brush country was as beautiful of a setting as most places in the South. It was prime, thick deer habitat all around them, so anticipation ran high. Plus, they had plenty of sight-seeing to keep them busy until deer started moving. That latter half of that didn't take too long, though.

Out of nowhere, the big buck came crashing out of thick cover and bounded into the open.

We believed he was being chased by a mountain lion, Stroff said. He came out running crazy in different directions. He went out of sight and came back by our stand location about 10 minutes later.

When the buck stopped, Stroff made the shot count.

It resulted in the biggest buck of his life. That doesn't happen every day. Most deer hunters never even see a 190-inch deer, let alone wrap their tag around one. This deer is an incredible representation of its species. The wide spread, long beams, massive tines and sheer number of points all make for a truly unique deer. And the hunt for it is a memory Stroff won't soon forget.

I guess everything really is bigger in Texas.

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