Low Pressure Leads to Giant Small Property Archery Buck

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Low Pressure Leads to Giant Small Property Archery Buck

Posted 2018-11-19T14:47:00Z  by  Paul Annear

This Deer Hunter Saved His Best Spot Until the Rut

Rack Report Details
Buck:188 Inches
Time of Year:November 3, 2018
Weapon: Hoyt Bow  Bowhunting 

This 188-inch buck was a result of waiting until the right time to hunt. (Kody Shaw photo)

Kody Shaw was excited for an entire week to hunt the rut on his family farm in Wisconsin. But little did he know his time in the woods would end quickly. Shaw lives about three hours away from his Wisconsin property and was excited to dive into the woods on November 3.

It is pretty much a family rule that we do not go into the woods until the rut, or at least the last weekend of October, Shaw said.

Shaw has only bowhunted for about six years and was looking forward to a possible sighting of this giant that had shown up on trail camera during daylight in October.

The trail camera photo that led to a giant 2018 harvest. (Kody Shaw photo)The morning of November 3 brought cold, calm, and overcast conditions for him to sneak into one of his best stands — a classic rut spot near the crest of a large ridge with a standing cornfield about 175 yards away. It's a traditional cruising spot on this 40-acre piece. He runs three cameras on it and had some decent bucks showing up, but one massive buck stood out and was even moving in daylight throughout October.

A few moments after first light, Shaw did a light rattling sequence in hopes of catching the attention of a cruising buck. A little while after rattling, he heard a deer coming and then saw the giant 184-inch buck just above him on the very crest of the ridge. The buck walked into thick cover, preventing a shot opportunity.

Then the buck stepped into a clear shooting lane only 30 yards away. He let his Hoyt go and the rest is history. The giant turned and went up the hill and just out of sight. He gave the buck time after the shot, but the deer ended up only going 40 yards from the tree.

This is by far Shaw's biggest buck to date with a gun or a bow.

For us, hunting is more about tradition and creating those memories that will last forever, Shaw said. It is hard to fathom the fact I shot a buck this big. I still can't believe it.

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