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Watch Game Warden Pull Bobcat Out From Car Grill

The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Watch Game Warden Pull Bobcat Out From Car Grill

Posted 2023-05-01  by  Stephanie Mallory

The uninjured feline was released back into the wild

Police officers are skilled at handling a variety of tough situations, but deputies in Portage County, Wisconsin, had to call for backup when it came to removing a large, angry bobcat from a vehicle’s front grill.

Three deputies responded when they received a call from the owner of a Toyota vehicle that a bobcat was stuck in the car. You can imagine their surprise when they realized it was actually stuck in the front grill.

They were unsure how to remedy the situation, but fortunately, conservation warden Bryan Lockman with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources came to the rescue.

Sheriff Mike Lukas shared a photo of the bobcat inside of the grill on Facebook and wrote, “As you can imagine the shock they were in when, low and behold, there was a bobcat in the vehicle. My deputies are really good at solving problems, but this one baffled them, so we called in reinforcements.”

Lockman used a catch pole to pull the bobcat from behind the car’s grill and lift it into the back of a pickup truck in one swift move.

According to WQOW, the warden was able to release the uninjured bobcat back into the wild.

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