Accuracy Or Power?

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Accuracy Or Power?

Posted 2015-11-23T15:51:00Z


Weigh the odds. Adam Millard did and he chooses accuracy over power. (Bill Konway photo)

In today's world, ammunition is expensive. So much, in fact, that the price puts a damper on people's practice. What used to be a cheap hobby has turned into one that people have to budget around.

So if you were limited in your amounts of practice, what would you choose: Accuracy or power?

This topic gets brought up, not only when picking a self-defense handgun but also when choosing that next deer rifle.

So would you choose a slightly underpowered cartridge that can hit its mark at any distance? Or would you pick a cartridge that has tremendous power that doesn't possess the greatest accuracy?

I choose accuracy every time. Why? Because I like hitting where I aim. I don't want to rely on a cartridge's power to bail me out of a poor shot.

You might think that I'm talking crazy right now, but let me tell you this: If I blow off a deer's front leg at 300 yards with a hard hitting .338 Win. Mag., what have I accomplished? Nothing. I've just wounded a deer.

Different calibers offer different advantages (Bill Konway photo)But what if I centered the deer's lungs with a .243 Win. at 300 yards? I'll tell you, that deer won't be breathing for very long.

With today's advancements in bullet technology, you really don't need those big cartridges to bring home the venison.

I like shooting guns that are comfortable on the shoulder. I like cartridges that don't punish the shooter during lengthy range sessions. Usually, those cartridges are considered light for whatever game I'm hunting. But I'm fine with that. A good bullet placed where it needs to be will do the job.

I'm not advocating going cape buffalo hunting with a .308…even though a well placed .308 placed on the buffalo's temple would surely dispatch it.

But I am encouraging you to pick the cartridge that's going to give you the confidence to hit where you need to.