The Crosman 1322

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The Crosman 1322

Posted 2015-11-11T21:54:00Z


So good you can kill a fly with it. (Adam Millard photo)

If you read my blogs, you've probably noticed a trend that I keep on writing about.

Air Guns. I love them. And this little gem is no different.

The Crosman 1322 is a .22 caliber pump pneumatic air pistol. The reason I bought this air pistol was to improve my handgun shooting accuracy. It gave me a cheap, affordable option to work on sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger squeeze without disrupting the neighbors. It does this while firing a projectile and giving an actual hit on a target, unlike dry-fire practice.

It was the gun's accuracy that really made me enjoy this gun. The accuracy is outstanding—so accurate that flies are in grave danger when they land on the target face.

The 1322 is a blast out of the box. No customizing needed. But this gun is also a tinkerer's dream. The gun can be completely customized and molded for performance. From flat top piston and valve kits for power, to longer barrels and trigger kits for accuracy, it can be upgraded. Don't believe me? Just Google it. You can even order a steel breech for the gun so that optics can be mounted.

I paid roughly $50 for my particular 1322. That's some cheap fun in a small package. And its small package is what makes this gun so practical.

Lately, I've been toting this little gun with me in my backpack while deer hunting. I used to cringe when I'd hear those pesky squirrels digging in the leaves around my treestand. Now I kind of enjoy the interruption. It gives me an opportunity to put some organic protein on the dinner table.

With a half-cocked Doc Holiday smile, I take aim at these delicious little vermin. A good rest and steady trigger squeeze usually spells crackpot for the furry little noisemakers.

So, if you're looking to improve your handgun accuracy or for a quiet nuisance solution, check out the 1322. They also make this gun in a .177. That model is called the 1377.

Just make sure you check your state laws if you're going to use this gun for hunting.

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