What Your Rifle Says About You: Barrett 99

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What Your Rifle Says About You: Barrett 99

Posted 2014-07-05T10:01:00Z

If somebody wants to know who you are, they don't need to creep around on Facebook; they just need to know what kind of rifle you prefer. This on-going series examines the rifle behind the sportsman.

Barrett 99 .50 BMG

You trust everyone, but you cut the cards anyway. You don't really believe there will be a zombie apocalypse, but nothing's wrong with being prepared—and besides, it's kind of fun. You're not afraid to argue your convictions when you go to a party in the city; actually, you secretly like being viewed as the guy who people are just slightly unsure of. But if a newbie wants to go shooting, you're always the first to volunteer to take them. You are a professional, a strong contributor to society, and the Barrett .50-cal was purchased mainly for recreation—recreation with a purpose. You are wise with your money, and know that on top of being fun to shoot and great insurance against zombies, it's a good investment. You are an alpha dog, and you intend to stay that way.