What's It Worth: Para Ordnance CCO Black Watch

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What's It Worth: Para Ordnance CCO Black Watch

Posted 2015-10-09T22:17:00Z

What's It Worth: Para Ordnance CCO Black Watch

(Adam Millard photo)

Manufacturer: Para Ordnance
Model: CCO Black Watch
Caliber: .45 ACP
Value: $600

The Para Ordnance CCO Black Watch is chambered in the ever-popular .45 ACP. It has a 3½-inch match grade barrel that's incredibly accurate. The real beauty of this gun is found in its light double action (LDA) trigger. Instead of the single action trigger of the 1911, Para put in a light double action. This design catches peoples' interest who don't want to carry a normal 1911 in the cocked and locked position with a single action trigger. Everything else about the gun is a 1911, from the grip safety to the big thumb actuated manual safety.

I purchased this gun a few months ago for $400. The gun has a considerable amount of holster wear on the finish from spending the majority of its time in one. Taking all these things into consideration, the gun is still very reliable. The holster wear puts this gun at about 80 percent. The gun functions perfectly, despite the cosmetic flaws. I've put a few thousand rounds through the gun without any kind of malfunction. MSRP at the time of manufacturing was $1,099. Blue Book of Gun Values—with an 80 percent condition rating—puts this gun at $535.

The only upgrade I did to the gun was put on a set of VZ Gator Back grips that I paid $65 for, bumping the price up to $600.

Blue Book of Gun Values is an incredible tool loaded with lots of information. Submit photos and information of your firearms to [email protected]. And remember, if we don't choose yours, look it up yourself on Blue Book's site.