Federal Premium Releases New, Improved Speed-Shok Waterfowl Ammo

Federal Premium Releases New, Improved Speed-Shok Waterfowl Ammo

Posted 2018-09-11T14:59:00Z  by  Steve Hickof

Check Out These New Waterfowl Loads

No matter how long we hunt or shoot, new ammunition options almost always get our attention.

Just last week, Federal Premium Ammunition announced a redesign of its complete line of Speed-Shok waterfowl loads. According to the company, the new-and-improved lineup includes more than 10 new loads in several shot sizes.

Shipments of this new ammunition have been delivered to dealers.Federal Premium courtesy photo

"Speed kills ducks and geese," Federal Premium reminded us in a recent news release. "Now it kills even cleaner with redesigned Speed-Shok. Its Catalyst™ primer and faster-burning powders dramatically reduce residue, while its optimized velocities knock birds out of the sky."

Hunt waterfowl? This load is now available in sub-gauge loads and high-velocity 12-gauge offerings.

The Federal Speed-Shok Waterfowl Ammunition Details

  • New and improved loads
  • Faster-burning, cleaner propellant leaves drastically less residue in the barrel and action
  • Catalyst high-performance primer provides the most complete, consistent ignition possible
  • Optimized velocities
  • New sub-gauge and high-velocity 12-gauge load
  • Go here for more on Federal Premium Speed-Shok loads.

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