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Discover the Jargon Custom Game Call | MAX-7, an exclusive creation featuring custom Realtree Max-7 engraving. Crafted for the hunting enthusiast, this Mallard Duck Call combines the precision of a traditional Arkansas J Frame with the quality of mylar reed and cork components.


Realtree Exclusive: This custom game call is a Realtree exclusive, showcasing the signature quality and design associated with the Realtree brand. It's a testament to excellence in both functionality and aesthetics.


Custom Realtree Max-7 Engraving: The distinctive Realtree Max-7 engraving adds a touch of outdoor authenticity to this Mallard Duck Call. This custom design enhances the visual appeal, making it a standout piece for any hunting enthusiast.


Mallard Duck Call: Specifically designed for the Mallard, this game call delivers an authentic and effective sound that resonates with precision. Perfect for attracting Mallard ducks during your hunting expeditions.


Traditional Arkansas J Frame: The call features a traditional Arkansas J Frame, known for its reliability and effectiveness in producing accurate duck calls. This classic design ensures a familiar and trusted performance.


Mylar Reed and Cork Components: The combination of mylar reed and cork components contributes to the high-quality sound production of this game call. These materials are chosen for their durability and ability to replicate authentic duck sounds.


Hand Tuned to Perfection from Acrylic: Meticulously crafted, each game call is hand-tuned to perfection from acrylic. This process ensures that the call delivers consistent and optimal performance, meeting the standards of discerning hunters.


Custom Design and Artwork by Casey Underwood: Elevate your hunting gear with custom design and artwork by the renowned artist Casey Underwood. This collaboration adds a unique and personalized touch to each game call.


Experience the precision and artistry of the Jargon Custom Game Call | MAX-7. With its exclusive Realtree Max-7 engraving, Mallard Duck Call functionality, and hand-tuned perfection, this game call is a testament to the synergy of craftsmanship and design in the world of hunting.



  • Realtree exclusive
  • Custom Realtree Max-7 Engraving
  • Mallard Duck Call
  • Traditional Arkansas J Frame
  • Mylar Reed
  • Cork
  • Hand tuned to perfection from Acrylic  
  • Custom design and artwork by artist Casey Underwood

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