5 Good Reasons To Buy an AR

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5 Good Reasons To Buy an AR

Posted 2014-05-12T10:12:00Z

Finding it tough to justify spending $1,500 for a flashy rifle? Here are 5 valid reasons why you should.

If you have a heathly amount of gun-guy in you, you want an AR-15 just to have it. For hard-core hunters, however, the puny .223 Rem. cartridge is tough to justify unless you're shooting a bunch of coyotes every year. But alas, these days nearly every major arms manufacturer makes an AR-style rifle chambered in big-game-dropping calibers such as 6.8 SPC, .308 Win. and .300 Blackout. Sure, they're a little unweildy in the woods before you get used to them, but once you do, they offer tremendous firepower, legitimate advantages for hunting and the satisfaction of just having one in your safe to show your buddies. Here are my top 5 reasons why every American sportsman should own a modern sporting arm.

1. Pigs

Wild pig populations are burgeoning in most states, to the point that game managers are begging for hunters to destroy them by any means possible. The fact is, having hunters do this dirty work is the only economically feasible remedy. Feral pigs compete for food with all game animals--and almost always win. While a bolt gun is perfect for delivering one killing shot, pigs run in packs. With an AR it's possible to get two, three or more accurate shots, which can equal two or three pigs. Use quality bullets, like Winchester's Razorback XT load, and practice shooting running game. There's a pig rebellion underway, and it's your duty as an American sportsman to quell it.

2. Because You Can

The current administration doesn't want you to have an AR. So what better excuse to buy one and exercise your God-given Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? Though some politicians and anti-gun groups say there is no purpose for an AR-15 other than commiting nefarious crimes, sportsmen know better. Modern sporting arms are routinely used for competition, home defense, procuring game meat for the family and, mainly, for fun! Want to see your child's eye's light up with bliss? Get a bag full of tin cans and let him or her shoot your AR after church one Sunday.

3. For an Investment

Guns—especially ARs—have proven to hold their value. Over the last 25 years—and especially in a down economy—quality firearms are a better investment that stocks or bonds, with an average return rate of 10 percent over 15 years. If you buy an AR now, hunt with it for a few years, then decide to sell it, you'll have no problem getting your money back, and that's great material for lobbying your spouse on a new purchase.

4. Because they Make Big Ones

New AR-10 platforms are chambered in big-game stopping rounds like .308 Winchester. There's even a rifle from NEMO arms chambered in .300 Win. Mag. Plus some, like Smith and Wesson's M&P 10 are dressed in Realtree camouflage, so they're great for hunting. With proper bullets and a decent scope, there is nothing they can't do that a bolt-action can. Many AR-10s exhibit 1 moa accuracy or better with premium ammo.

5. It's Your Duty

American citizens have a duty to be proficient with the military-style arms of the day. The majority of the most decorated war veterans in history—Audie Murphy, Carlos Whitefeather Hathcock, Chris Kyle, et al.—credit their sniping and battle skills to the skills they learned over years of hunting. Hunting with the military-style gun of the day—an AR-15-style rifle—will make America that much stronger if its citizens are ever called to battle. So get an AR, use it for hunting, and make America strong at the same time.