What Your Rifle Says About You: Ruger M77

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What Your Rifle Says About You: Ruger M77

Posted 2014-06-19T11:36:00Z

If somebody wants to know who you are, they don't need to creep around on Facebook; they just need to know what kind of rifle you prefer. This on-going series examines the rifle behind the sportsman.

RUGER M77 .243 Win.

Your father gave you this rifle many seasons ago, and its walnut stock has more scratches on it than a Beastie Boys vinyl album—if you had any clue, or cared, who those idiots are. People say its trigger sucks, it's ugly, the wing safety is weird and a .243 Win. is too light, but you know that you don't need a jack hammer to do a surgeon's job. Alas, every time you pull it from the truck and mash its trigger, something dies. You could use it for a boat paddle, and it wouldn't faze you or your Ruger. It isn't fancy, but it's seen more hunting than most of those posers on TV. If someone gave you a new rifle, you'd graciously say thanks, but you wouldn't use it. Why would you? If it ain't broke, you're not going to fix it. That's the type of man you are, and there's no changing you now, even if we could.