What Your Rifle Says About You: Winchester Model 70

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What Your Rifle Says About You: Winchester Model 70

Posted 2014-08-18T16:52:00Z

If somebody wants to know who you are, they don't need to creep around on Facebook; they just need to know what kind of rifle you prefer. This on-going series examines the rifle behind the sportsman.

Winchester Model 70

You are a rifleman, and you'd use whatever works best, but you've been around the block and never handled a rifle as smooth, slick, or accurate as your Jack O'Connor special. Plus, the wood just feels magical in your hands, and each time wisps of smoke rise from its chamber on a cold day in the country you're reminded of a peaceful, simpler time. You love to hunt, but you don't have to kill anything to enjoy yourself out there. You are quietly confident, because you know that if a legal elk quarters up the mountain and you've got a burning in your belly, that elk is bound for the ground. Then you'll give thanks over it and do the chores. Later on at home, you'll slide the rifle out of its scabbard and run an oily rag over it. Then you'll admire it for a moment before retiring to bed. Like it, you are not done yet … not by a longshot.

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