Anti-hunters 'Jonesing' to Smear Texas Tech Cheerleader-Hunter

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Anti-hunters 'Jonesing' to Smear Texas Tech Cheerleader-Hunter

Posted 2014-07-01T17:16:00Z

Anti-hunters 'Jonesing' to Smear Texas Tech Cheerleader-Hunter

Anti-hunters have placed a new female in their crosshairs. Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old cheerleader at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, is currently the favorite woman-they-love-to-hate.

After all, she has been hunting since the age of 13, and we're not just talking deer or turkeys. Her dad took her to Zimbabwe on a safari in 2004 and she fell in love with hunting safari style. At that time, she could not shoulder a rifle because of her petite stature. Four years she returned and started at the top - with the Big Five. She put a white rhino down first, using a .416 Rem. Mag.

Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones with her lion in AfricaKendall, who someday hopes to host an outdoor TV show, decided to create a Facebook page that showed her successes. She obviously has good taste in camo, as it appears she chooses Realtree a lot. Her Facebook page made the New York Daily News, which appears to relish the idea that people don't approve of Kendall's safari success. After all, when she didn't get her leopard, she went back (after a 28-day safari) for a 14-day safari. You do the math. Her family must be wealthy.

And that is the crux of the problem here. She killed all the animals legally. So, is the basis for the hatred really a form of envy from folks who do not tolerate what is legally called conservation? Many of these same folks hide behind "endangered" labels that they hang on these animals.

Most of the animals, as is the case with most safaris, were processed so that local villages could eat. In fact, hunters help support the economy of Africa.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old woman with a dream gets called out, threatened and slandered because of her pro-hunting stance. Petitions are calling for her to be shunned from the free world for her choice to hunt big game in Africa.

If you want to support Kendall, like her Facebook page. She needs to hear from her comrades in the hunting world.