HUSH Says Ban on Sunday Hunting an Infringement of Right

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HUSH Says Ban on Sunday Hunting an Infringement of Right

Posted 2012-06-18T17:15:00Z  by  <a href="/">Barbara Baird</a>,Barbara Baird

HUSH Says Ban on Sunday Hunting an Infringement of Right

Some hunters in Pennsylvania are not taking the “you cannot hunt on Sunday” law without a fight. On May 7, a non-profit group banded together to form Hunters United for Sunday Hunting (HUSH). They vow to take their cause, i.e., their desire to hunt on Sundays, all the way to the state's Supreme Court.

The director of HUSH, Kathy Davis, is quoted in a article, "One of the things that we found that we think is critically important is our founding Constitution says we have the right to hunt in Pennsylvania. ...There have been several Constitutions since that particular Constitution; however, every Constitution says we've never lost the right. ... So if we've never lost the right then we still have the right to hunt in Pennsylvania, and surely they wouldn't say you have the right to bear arms except on Sundays or you have freedom of the press except on Sundays. Rights are subject to reasonable restrictions, and a day of the week is not a reasonable restriction."

Three states – Pennsylvania, Virginia and Connecticut – wrote Sunday hunting bills that never made it out of committee this past legislative year. Currently, there are 11 states that ban Sunday hunting.

The question remains. Is banning one day reasonable, or a restriction that infringes on a right? What do you think? According to HUSH, the Pennsylvania Game Commission supports the lifting of the ban on Sunday hunting.

If you'd like to find out more about Pennsylvania's HUSH, check out its website.

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