How Late-Arriving Springs Impact Duck Production

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How Late-Arriving Springs Impact Duck Production

Posted 2018-05-01T23:00:00Z

Delta Waterfowl's Top Scientist Explains 2018's Double-Edged Sword

Everyone's talking about the late spring of 2018 — especially waterfowlers, who worry that the unseasonably dismal weather might affect waterfowl reproduction.

So when I saw this video from Frank Rohwer, president and chief scientist for Delta Waterfowl, I had to share it. In it, he explains how late springs can hinder early-nesting ducks, such as mallards and pintails. However, this spring comes with a silver lining.

Thanks to our great friends at Delta Waterfowl for letting us share this. And here's to a successful waterfowl nesting season.

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