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Watch Hawk Creep Up Behind Woman in Her Home

The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Watch Hawk Creep Up Behind Woman in Her Home

Posted 2023/07/28  by  Stephanie Mallory

The bird was apparently after a plate of food on the table

A young woman peacefully videoing herself playing her guitar at home got quite a scare when a hawk snuck through an open door and landed with wings spread on the table beside her.

Video footage shared by WVTM 13 shows Nikki Kundanmal urging her feisty little dog Khushi to quiet down when it started barking. But Kundanmal had no idea that Khushi was barking at a large bird that’d entered her home through an open door.

When she turned and saw the hawk, Kundanmal said that, oddly enough, she yelled for her roommate who’d moved out months prior. Then things got pretty chaotic. Kundanmal knocked over her energy drink, giving her laptop a good soaking. Khushi lunged at the bird, which screeched and eventually flew out the door it’d originally entered through.

Kundanmal was pretty shaken by the incident, but after calming down, she said she finds the whole thing quite funny and entertaining.

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