5 People Attacked by Bobcat at Arizona Campsite

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5 People Attacked by Bobcat at Arizona Campsite

Posted 2019-08-05T23:16:00Z

Arizona Game & Fish officers are searching for the possibly rabid feline that injured multiple family members

Five family members, including a young child, are recovering after a bobcat attacked them at their campsite in Arizona.

The victims were camping at Shannon Campgrounds in Mount Graham when the bobcat entered their campsite around 7:30 p.m. and attacked a 4-year-old girl. Other family members hit, kicked and grabbed the animal to pull it off of her.

Tyler Ray, 34, told deputies that at one point he was "rolling on the ground with the bobcat." Another family member said the bobcat lunged at her as well.

According to ABC News, the cat eventually ran off, but the five victims, ages 4 to 63, sustained bite marks, scratches and cuts to the hands, thighs, faces and heads. After they were checked out by paramedics on the scene, they drove themselves to the hospital, where they were treated for possible rabies exposure.

Arizona Game & Fish is on the hunt for the cat, which could be rabid. Workers have set traps to try and capture it, and are asking people in the area to avoid Shannon and Snow Flat camps. Anyone who spots an aggressive bobcat in the Mt. Graham area is asked to call 623-236-7201.

Mark Hart with the Arizona Game and Fish Department in Tucson told AZCentral.com that bobcats do not typically attack unless cornered or provoked. Their usual response to humans is to leave.

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