Alligator Attempts Home Invasion

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Alligator Attempts Home Invasion

Posted 2019-04-29T23:17:00Z

Alligator Attempts Home Invasion

What do you say to a large alligator that's knocking at your door? Donna Heiss of Palm Coast, Florida, just said, "No." It seemed to work ... at first.

Heiss told CBS Miami that as she pulled into her garage on Thursday, her neighbors yelled for her to get inside. Once inside, she looked out the glass front door and saw a large alligator looking back at her.

She took cellphone video of the gator pressing its nose against the glass. In the video, the large reptile appears to leave when she says "no" to it. But, Heiss said it actually just walked around the house to look for another way inside.

It was really scary. I thought he was going to break the glass, Heiss wrote on her Facebook page.

A trapper, who estimated the gator measured between 7 and 8 feet long, had to euthanize the reptile because it was too large to relocate.

I'm thankful I didn't take my small dog out while this big guy was hiding under my picture window. It became very aggressive, Heiss said. If I had taken Max out, I would no longer have him.

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