Bobcat Stuck on Top of Power Pole Finally Comes Down

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Bobcat Stuck on Top of Power Pole Finally Comes Down

Posted 2019-05-13T23:18:00Z

The bobcat shimmies down from the tall pole after a bit of prompting

Cat owners know that the curious critters often get themselves into tough predicaments. I guess their wild cousins are no different.

This past Thursday, a bobcat was spotted sitting atop an extremely tall power pole on I-75 near mile marker 78 on I-75 in Collier County, Florida. It eventually attracted the attention of spectators and news crews.

In the video footage published by WBIR, you can see the animal panting as if hot or stressed. The original plan was to leave the cat alone with the hopes it'd climb down on its own. But, crews in a utility truck eventually showed up and used a long pole to gently nudge the feline. The cat took the hint and backed down the pole all the way to the ground. It then scampered off into the brush.

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