British Columbia Man Injured in Wolf Attack

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British Columbia Man Injured in Wolf Attack

Posted 2020-06-08T23:31:00Z

The man was walking at night when the attack occurred; authorities are looking for the animal

A lone wolf attacked and seriously injured a man who was walking in a neighborhood in British Columbia. ©Images on The Wildside-wolf.jpgA wolf attacked and seriously injured a man who was walking home in a Port Edward, B.C., neighborhood last Friday night. Conservation officers are now searching for the lone animal.

Conservation Inspector Cam Schley told, the man, who is in his 70s, suffered "significant injuries" to the lower part of his body, but the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Officials spoke to the man from his hospital bed before he was taken to Lower Mainland by an air ambulance Saturday afternoon.

"It's our understanding that the man was sent to Vancouver for further medical treatment," Schley said.

The conservation officer said he doesn't know why the wolf attacked.

"This is very, very rare. Wolf attacks on people in North America are extremely rare," Schley said.

As of this writing, officers were tracking the wolf, but Schley said it's a difficult task because traps and dogs are usually ineffective when it comes to capturing the large wild canines.

Officials say they're looking for a lone wolf from the local area, which is unrelated to problem wolves in Prince Rupert, where people have reported wolf sightings and attacks on cats and dogs.

"At least one of the wolves has lost a lot of fear of people, approaching to try to get dogs that are on leashes," Schley said.

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