Coyote Attacks Two Toddlers on Same Day

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Coyote Attacks Two Toddlers on Same Day

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The attacks occurred within 10 minutes of each other

Wildlife officials believe a single coyote is responsible for attacking two toddlers in separate incidents in Arlington, Massachusetts, last week. reports that officials are currently working to track the animal down.

During the first attack, the coyote bit a 2-year-old girl on the back and dragged her, officials said. Approximately 10 minutes later, less than half a mile away, the coyote scratched another 2-year-old girl in her yard.

Both girls were treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

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“We heard a kid just screaming bloody murder like, at first it sounded like kids playing and we could hear it was just very loud, I mean a kid just screaming,” Shawn Deshane, one of the victim's neighbors, said.

“The parents were outside, too, right out in front, and heard the screech, of the little one, and that's when they saw the coyote,” a neighbor named Donna said. “She's got a scratch on her little thigh, she wanted to show me her boo boo, but she's doing fine.”

Massachusetts Wildlife and Environmental Police are looking for the coyote and say it may be the same animal that attacked a 5-year-old-boy less than a mile away three weeks ago.

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