Coyotes Stranded on Moving Ice Floes

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Coyotes Stranded on Moving Ice Floes

Posted 2019-12-17T00:06:00Z

Video shows scrambling animals eventually making it to shore

A pack of coyotes ended up in a precarious situation last week that resulted in some pretty cool video footage.

According to CTV News, Iouri Ponomarev was walking his dog at the Government House Park near the North Saskatchewan River when he spotted several coyotes frantically trying to escape off sheets of fast-moving ice.

[I] saw that the ice on the river started cracking and moving, Ponomarev said. It started to move very fast — that is when I noticed that some coyotes got caught on the ice.

He filmed the animals as they searched for a way off of the ice as it was breaking and moving down the river.

"It did not look like they would survive," he told CBS Saskatchewan. "But they did eventually make it to the shore."

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