Deer Crashes Through Windshield, Kicks Man Repeatedly

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Deer Crashes Through Windshield, Kicks Man Repeatedly

Posted 2020-03-02T08:04:00Z

Virnes Gibson says he feels like he's been given a second chance at life

It was bad enough that a deer jumped through Virnes Gibson's windshield as he was driving home from work last week, but when the deer started kicking him in the face, things got much worse. According to, the Wellington, Ohio, man was driving at about 50 miles per hour when the incident occurred.

"I got down probably a quarter mile from the house. I looked down at my speedometer, and when I looked up, the deer came right through the window," he said.

The small deer laid there for a minute, then got up into the passenger seat, turned around and started kicking Gibson repeatedly with its front hooves.

"[It] kicked me in the face and in the jaw. I was trying to hold it, then it kicked my feet off from underneath the pedal so I couldn't stop the truck," he said.

Gibson ended up hitting the deer with a Thermos in an attempt to get it off of him. Fortunately, the deer kicked the gear shift, putting the truck in park in front of a neighbor's house.

"It kicked out the back window when it was in there it was jumping around, and I've got a big gate covering the back window. It actually ripped that when it was kicking, ripped it right out of the back," he said.

The neighbor called 911 and gave Gibson a glass of water to pour in his eyes and get the glass out. Gibson was left with scratches on his face and some bruises, but things could've been much worse.

"I'm happy to be here," he said. "People don't realize that life is short. This is my second chance in life so yeah I feel lucky."

The deer wasn't so lucky and ended up dying from its injuries.

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