Hikers Share Scary Footage of Alaskan Brown Bear Encounter

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Hikers Share Scary Footage of Alaskan Brown Bear Encounter

Posted 2023-04-03T13:47:00Z

The man and woman did everything right to protect themselves from an attack

Two hikers who encountered a pair of larger brown bears while hiking in Alaska's Katmai National Park managed to film the frightening close encounter while staying remarkably calm.

It's coming right at us. Laura, move down the trail, McGregor says to his hiking partner as a massive bear was walking directly toward them.

He then notices another huge bear on the trail walking toward them. McGregor and his partner Laura give the bears space and the right of way by putting the hiking trail between them and the bears.

The two hikers continue to talk as one bear moves closer, and it eventually returns the way it came.

"So, this was an interesting encounter, McGregor said. You might wonder why we didn't just walk backwards down the trail? Why did we go into the thick forest?

He says they did what park rangers had instructed them to do if they came across bears on the trail.

Every other time we saw a bear on the people trail they were just using it as a highway, cruising back and forth, McGregor explained. So, we were trained to get off the trail and give them the right [of way] while making sure the bear knows we're there so we don't startle them… We're very grateful to the bear school training that helped us keep calm and move out of his way.

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In a later video that answered some of the commenters' questions, McGregor said, The reason why I was acting in a calm way instead of being more aggressive is because of this bear population, he explained. This is an area that gets a lot of guests… I was definitely not the first person that that bear had run into.

Before hiking in the national park, they went through bear school with a park ranger, who taught them the best way to interact with these specific bears, he said.

The main thing you want to do is get off the trail so they can have the right of way, and make your presence known and stay calm, he said. So, while it was definitely a little bit tense, it wasn't as scary as it might look or as it would be in other locations. That's also why they kept making noise, he said. This worked well for that location because the bears are habituated, he said. But I would've been acting differently if I was in Montana or Wyoming or somewhere different.

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