Montana Hiker Shoots Grizzly Bear in Self-Defense

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Montana Hiker Shoots Grizzly Bear in Self-Defense

Posted 2020-04-17T23:53:00Z

The injured sow was later located and euthanized

A Montana hiker who was armed with a handgun shot and injured a grizzly bear after it attacked him last week, biting him on the thigh. The bear, which most likely attacked the hiker because it perceived him as a threat to her cub, was later located and euthanized, but the cub has not been found.

According to 3 KRTV, the hiker encountered the sow with her cub just outside of Dupuyer. The bear attacked, but moved away after the hiker shot and injured it with a pistol. The hiker then walked back to his house in Dupuyer, and on the way, he met emergency services who took him to the hospital.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens and bear specialists searched for the wounded bear late into the night following the attack, but didn't locate her until the following morning, with the help of a FWP helicopter and ground crews. There is no word on whether they were able to locate the cub.

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