Pet Raccoon Bites Off Tip of Toddler's Finger

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Pet Raccoon Bites Off Tip of Toddler's Finger

Posted 2019-04-19T23:50:00Z

Pet Raccoon Bites Off Tip of Toddler's Finger

A family in Green Township, Ohio, said their pet raccoon had never been aggressive toward their 2-year-old daughter, so they were shocked when the raccoon bit off part of her finger.

According to WLWTF, the pet raccoon was euthanized and is being tested for diseases, such as rabies.

A startling 911 call from the mother can be heard in the video above.

"My daughter was bitten by a raccoon that's my pet, and it's pretty bad," a woman told 911 dispatchers.

First responders rushed to help the little girl.

"He's in his cage. I didn't realize ... he's never attacked her before," the woman said.

According to police, the family kept the year-old raccoon in a cage.

Investigators said the child reached into the cage to pet it.

The family told officers they'd rescued the baby raccoon after it fell inside of a wall of their home and was abandoned by its mother.

Hamilton County Public Health's Jeremy Hessel said the raccoon is being tested for disease.

"What they're looking for is any rabies in that specimen. It's usually the head of the animal that gets sent to the lab," Hessel said.

Hassel said if you don't have a permit to have it and if you're not a rehabilitator, you should not have a raccoon as a pet.

The little girl's family told WLWT they didn't want to talk about what happened, but said the little girl's finger has been stitched back together.

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