Runner Collides With Grizzly on Glacier National Park Trail

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Runner Collides With Grizzly on Glacier National Park Trail

Posted 2020-07-20T23:00:00Z

The bear jumped up and ran off after the two tumbled off the trail

A runner and a young grizzly bear collided on a trail in Glacier National Park. (Image by Stephanie Mallory)A woman running on a trail in Glacier National Park sustained minor injuries after colliding with a grizzly bear. reports the woman was leading two other runners on Huckleberry Lookout Trail last Saturday when she ran into the young bear, and the two tumbled off the trail together. The bear then jumped up and ran off. After reporting the incident to park officials, she checked herself into Kalispell Regional Medical Center for further treatment and evaluation of minor injuries she sustained.

Rangers say no other encounters have been reported in the area, and they have posted warnings about the bear along the trail.

The park sent out a press release about the bear encounter with the following statement:

Visitors to Glacier National Park are reminded that the park is home to black and grizzly bears. Trail running in grizzly habitat is dangerous because runners traveling quickly and quietly through bear habitat have a higher risk of surprising grizzly bears at close range. Glacier National Park discourages trail running in order to protect the public and the bears.

Hikers are highly encouraged to hike in groups, make noise when hiking, and have bear spray accessible and know how to use it. For information on trail closures in the park, visit the park's trail status webpage.

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