Second Coyote Attack on Children Caught on Camera

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Second Coyote Attack on Children Caught on Camera

Posted 2023-04-05T12:33:00Z

Wildlife officers believe the same wild canine is responsible for both attacks

Two toddlers have been attacked by what is believed to be the same coyote in Scottsdale, Arizona, less than a week apart, and the latest attack was caught on camera.

According to 12 News, a Ring security camera captured the moment a coyote emerged from the bushes and attacked Kelly Pirozzi's 21-month-old son, Lincoln, after they arrived home on Wednesday, March 22.

"Lincoln, come inside," Pirozzi said on the video just before the coyote lunged at him in the driveway.

That coyote must have watched us get out of the car and kind of waited for the right time to go after our son," Pirozzi said.

As Pirozzi rushed to her son's aid, the coyote backed away.

"It makes you more cautious now, going outside your front door, looking around, doing things you didn't do yesterday, scanning the area, Pirozzi said.

The first coyote attack occurred less than a week prior while the Miaso family played on the playground at Aztec Park.

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I remember Zeke came down the slide and came behind me and was kind of going back up to do the steps to go to the slide again, father Curt Miaso recalled. At the time, I remember my 5-year-old daughter yelling out, 'Coyote! Coyote!'"

Both children received only minor injuries and have received rabies shots.

To show this kind of behavior is very unusual, said Darren Julian, an urban wildlife specialist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. "A normal coyote, when they hear us, see us, smell us, they are hiding away or running away."

He said coyotes have attacked humans in the state 24 times since 1997.

The last time before this one was 2017, Julian said.

Julian believes it is the same animal because of the similarities between the attacks. They have been searching for the aggressive wild canine but have not found it.

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