Terrorizing Fox Squirrel Traps Woman in Office Building

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Terrorizing Fox Squirrel Traps Woman in Office Building

Posted 2022-02-28T13:52:00Z

The aggressive rodent ran at the woman each time she opened the door

An Indiana woman filmed a hilarious standoff between herself and an aggressive fox squirrel that charged toward her each time she tried to leave her office building.

According to DailyMail.com, on February 7, Carrie Hair was the last one remaining at the LeaderOne Financial office in Kokomo, Indiana, where she works as the marketing manager. When she started to walk out the door, an aggressive squirrel lunged at her.

Hair said she saw the squirrel's reflection in the glass as she locked the front door.

I looked down and it stood up on its hind legs and literally locked eyes with me, she said.

It then lunged for her leg.

When Hair ran back inside and shut the door, a 35-minute-long standoff ensued, with Hair afraid to leave the office for fear of an attack.

She decided to video the encounter so she could share the crazy experience with her family. At one point in the footage you hear her say, 'I've been in here 10 minutes waiting for him to leave ... this squirrel is waiting on me.

He keeps coming to the door, and is literally watching me. I have to walk all the way down there.

In the footage, you see that each time Hair tries to open the door and leave the building, the squirrel jumps down from a nearby tree and races over. Time and again, she slams the door before the squirrel can reach her.

Hair said she Facetimed her husband who's a tough SWAT officer, but he just laughed and told her good luck.

She said she finally was able to leave the building and make it to her car without being attacked by the squirrel.

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