Video: Coyote Snatches Dog from Yard

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Video: Coyote Snatches Dog from Yard

Posted 2020-02-24T23:34:00Z

Home security camera captures attack; dog survived and was found hours later

A Massachusetts family thought they'd never see their beloved dog again after a coyote carried it off into the darkness, but they were in for quite a surprise.

According to WCVB, Danielle Byrne let her dogs, Cece and Brodie, out of the house early one morning last week, but within a minute, she heard a commotion.

"I heard her scream, and once I heard that I got up because I knew that wasn't normal for her," Byrne said. When she walked outside, Brodie was gone.

The family wasn't immediately sure what had happened to the small dog, but the surveillance system at their Hendon home captured footage of a coyote carrying her away.

"You could see something grabbed her," Byrne said. "We realized it was a coyote."

Fearing the worst, the family spent the next four hours searching the woods behind their home for Brodie.

A few hours later, against all odds, they received a phone call about a missing dog.

Cold, injured and scared, Brodie was found just two doors down on their neighbor's back porch.

The family thinks their in-ground invisible fence helped save her. They believe the coyote was zapped by Brodie's collar when it crossed the fence line with the dog in its mouth.

"She made it — that's all we care about!" Byrne said. "She's got some puncture wounds on her neck, ear and belly, and she's on antibiotics. It's a miracle."

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