Video Footage Shows Mother Saving Her Daughter From a Raccoon Attack

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Video Footage Shows Mother Saving Her Daughter From a Raccoon Attack

Posted 2022-12-05T13:38:00Z

The woman and child are receiving preventative rabies shots

Home surveillance footage shows the moment a young girl was viciously attacked by a raccoon as she walked out her front door onto the porch.

I was going out to get on the bus, and a racoon was there and tried to attack me, 5-year-old Rylee MacNamara of Ashford, Connecticut, told It didn't want to go off of my leg.

Upon hearing her scream, Rylee's mother, Logan, ran outside and pulled the raccoon off of her daughter. Rylee made it back into the house as Logan threw the aggressive raccoon into the yard. It then ran off into the woods.

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I thought maybe she slammed her finger in the door," Logan said. "I definitely wasn't expecting to see a racoon wrapped around her leg."

Rylee and Logan suffered bite marks and scratches during the attack.

They went to the hospital, where they received rabies shots as a precaution.

We just kind of panicked at first," Logan said. "I was more scared than anything."

Animal control searched the woods to track down the animal without success.

Rylee and Logan must return to the hospital every couple of days for the next two weeks for more shots.

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