Video Shows Coyote Following Man and His Dog Through Park

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Video Shows Coyote Following Man and His Dog Through Park

Posted 2020-06-19T23:58:00Z

Bruce Causier, aka the Urban Wildlife Guy, films the 13-minute encounter

This video is proof that if you're walking a small dog, it's wise to keep an eye out for coyotes, even if the dog is on a leash and you're walking in an urban area.

Bruce Causier, who's known as the "Urban Wildlife Guy" on YouTube, recently posted video of a coyote following him and his small dog as they walked through a park near a cemetery. Causier has posted footage of a number of coyote close encounters on his page. He writes that most of the encounters have been filmed in the Vancouver and Burnaby area of British Columbia.

The latest footage lasts approximately 13 minutes, and it shows the coyote trailing the man and dog as they walk along a pathway. Causier films the entire thing, offering tips and insights on coyote behavior along the way. He also warns against running from a coyote and then demonstrates why it's not a good idea. As he and his dog take off running, the coyote picks up the pace as well and gets quite a bit closer. It's all really interesting footage.

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