Vote for Mr. POMA Prois 2012

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Vote for Mr. POMA Prois 2012

Posted 2012-08-20T09:38:00Z  by  Stephanie Mallory

Vote for Mr. POMA Prois 2012

I'm used to seeing men in camo, but when I walked into the conference center during the 2012 Professional Outdoor Media Association business conference, something about one man donned in camo didn't look quite right. For one, he was striking an extremely feminine pose. Secondly, the camo was really, really tight. While trying to figure out why he was dressed that way and what he was doing, I overheard several ladies encouraging other men to put on women's camouflage made by Prois. I soon learned that Prois, the maker of women's performance outdoor gear, was hosting the first-ever Mr. POMA Prois Pageant in acknowledgement of the decades of discomfort many women endured afield.

It wasn't too long ago when lady hunters had to squeeze into youth-sized camo or cinch and fold men's camo in order to enjoy the hunting sports. The ill-fitting camo attire made hunting trips for many women extremely uncomfortable. Only in recent years have manufacturers begun producing camouflage designed specifically for the female form.

Turnabout is fair play, so men of every shape and size were challenged to experience, just briefly, the discomfort of fitting into clothing made for another body type during the Mr. POMA Prois Pageant. Thirteen male conference attendees, including communication specialists and company reps, dressed in women's camo as part of the competition. Prois selected five finalists and is leaving it up to the public to select the winner.

You can vote now through Aug. 30, 2012 for the winner of the Mr. POMA Prois 2012 pageant. Go to for your chance to vote and for the opportunity to view the images of the guys in women's camo and to laugh at these good sports.

So, who do you think should be the winner? Ladies, do any of you still wear camo designed for men or youth?