Watch as Motorcyclist Hits Deer

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Watch as Motorcyclist Hits Deer

Posted 2019-07-12T23:31:00Z

Realtime footage shows the terrifying moment of collision

YouTube user JayRinK had just started vlogging his motorcycle rides when he captured footage of his scary collision with a deer. At approximately 42 seconds into the video, you see a deer run across the road in front of the bike, which strikes it, sending the deer into the air and the rider crashing onto the side of the road.

Remarkably, after the rider stops sliding into the grass, you hear him let out an excited "woohoo," apparently unharmed. You also see the deer scamper off, although it probably suffered some injuries.

In the YouTube video description, JayRinK wrote, "I got the idea of becoming a motovlogger a little late. I bought a 2019 MT-09 brand new a few months ago. I spent lots of time and money customizing it, upgrading it and also riding and enjoying it. In hindsight, I should have started this endeavor as soon as I brought the bike home! This way I could have taken you guys and/or gals through everything I did and was planning on doing to the bike. Only after all the effort, time, and money I put into this girl is when I decided to start vlogging. Got the GoPros, mounts, a mic, etc. Then this happened."

If you do a quick Google search, you'll see there's no news or video shortage of motorcycles colliding with deer. Sadly, the motorcyclists and deer are often injured or killed during the collision.

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