Watch Firemen Rescue Deer Hanging From Wall

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Watch Firemen Rescue Deer Hanging From Wall

Posted 2019-04-01T23:56:00Z

Watch Firemen Rescue Deer Hanging From Wall

Firemen have been known to rescue an occasional cat from a tree, but they will also come to the aid of other animals, even wildlife when needed.

One California deer was saved from a precarious situation thanks to firemen who answered the plea of a woman who discovered the deer stuck in a metal fence hanging over the side of a wall.

Lodi resident Rhonda Perry Parker described to CBS Sacramento the tense moments after she discovered the deer in distress.

It was thrashing around so at this point I called 9-1-1, she said. "They said they'd call the game and fish department."

The dangling deer had trapped itself between two bars of her neighbor's backyard fence and was trying to break free without success.

Parker grew increasingly worried about the deer.

I was scared it was going to lose its life, she added.

So she called 9-1-1 a second time and demanded to talk with the Lodi Fire Department.

I told the fire department what was going on; that a deer is hanging off a ledge in between some railing, she said.

Firefighters soon arrived placing a coat over the deer's eyes as animal services gave it a sedative to calm it down.

So he was pretty good from there, said Parker.

The firefighters tied the deer's front and back feet together to prevent it from kicking someone or injuring itself.

The team then used the jaws-of-life to separate the steel, freeing the deer, which ran off to safety.

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