Watch Pit Bull Narrowly Escape Coyotes

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Watch Pit Bull Narrowly Escape Coyotes

Posted 2019-01-07T23:26:00Z

Watch Pit Bull Narrowly Escape Coyotes

Video footage shows just how lucky one pit bull was after it barely escaped two coyotes.

Surveillance video from a home in Litchfield, New Hampshire, shows the 55-pound pit bull named Harlee yelping, struggling and then sprinting away from the two coyotes in a backyard last Monday.

Harlee's owner Doug Anderson said, They almost got her. But I think she was pretty quick.

Anderson posted the video on Facebook to warn neighbors that if his 55-pound pit bull was a target for coyotes, others should keep a close eye on their pets as well.

They got pretty close to her, he said.

How do you think Harlee the pit bull would have faired against two large coyotes?

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