Watch Raptor Try to Fly Away With Dog

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Watch Raptor Try to Fly Away With Dog

Posted 2019-02-25T23:30:00Z

Watch Raptor Try to Fly Away With Dog

Owners of small dogs know they have to be wary of larger animals that could hurt their pups, but few consider that the threat could come from above. One Las Vegas girl almost lost her beloved Yorkie to the talons of a large bird of prey.

Cecilia Celis was enjoying just another Friday night with her family, when the unthinkable happened to her beloved dog Lulu.

"We were inside making tacos, and we hear crying. We just hear them barking and crying, so we are like 'Oh they're just play fighting' and a second later, I just look outside. We see a huge bird fly up, and I yell at the bird, 'Get off my dog! Get off my dog!'" Celis recalls.

Surveillance video from Celis' Las Vegas home captured footage of her rushing outside to her 2-pound Yorkie, that was in the talons of a large bird.

As you can see, the 15-year-old strikes the bird over and over with a pillow before it finally let Lulu go.

Celis and her family rushed Lulu to the vet where she was treated for a puncture wound to her neck.

An image of the bird shows torn straps around each of its legs, which means it is most likley someone's lost pet. Celis says she'd seen ads for missing birds, but no one has reached out to her about the raptor. She said she hopes the bird gets captured before it attacks someone else's pet.

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