Watch Squirrel Launch Itself Inside Home As Door Opens for Pizza Delivery Guy

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Watch Squirrel Launch Itself Inside Home As Door Opens for Pizza Delivery Guy

Posted 2023-03-15T14:27:00Z

The terrified resident screams as the delivery guy stands there confused about what just happened

A Nest security camera caught the hilarious moment a squirrel leaped over a pizza delivery man's head and into a Louisiana home, causing the homeowner to scream in terror and slam the door in the pizza delivery man's face.

According to, the footage was captured by Rodney Herbert's Nest camera and shows a squirrel leaping from its hiding spot in the porch as his wife, Darian, opens the door to retrieve the pizza. She lets out a series of blood-curdling screams and slams the door as the delivery driver stands there obviously confused about what just happened.

Darian said she'd seen the squirrel earlier in the day as she left to go to the store.

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She said she "immediately went back inside" because she felt like if she went through the walkway "it was going to jump."

"I just had a feeling," she said, so she left through the back gate and brought the groceries in through the back door.

Turns out her feeling about the squirrel was correct.

"Well, Rodney ordered pizza, and I saw the pizza guy at the door," Darian said. "I figured since he was standing there with no problem, it should be fine."

But, when she opened the door to get the pizza, the sneaky squirrel jumped in above her head.

"I ran to our dining room and stood on a chair and yelled at Rodney to come get it," Darian said.

After chasing it around a bit, they managed to get the squirrel out of the house.

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