Watch Two Coyotes Take Down Mature Buck

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Watch Two Coyotes Take Down Mature Buck

Posted 2023-03-02T10:49:00Z

One of the wild canines attacked from the front, while the other circled in from the back

Hunters often debate whether or not coyotes can kill a mature deer. Here's proof they can. This game camera video footage shared on the GrowingDeer.TV YouTube channel shows two coyotes working together to take down a mature buck. In the beginning you see two coyotes attacking a smaller buck, and the shining eyes of a likely third coyote can be seen off to the side. As the video continues, you see two coyotes targeting a larger buck and eventually overpowering it. One of the coyotes attacks from the front, lunging and grabbing the buck's neck to pull it down, while the other coyote attacks from behind.

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A simple YouTube search reveals an abundance of video footage showing coyotes killing mature deer. We posted a blog featuring game camera images of a single coyote taking down a very large buck earlier in the season. There's no doubt that coyotes successfully hunt and kill mature deer. For that reason, hunters need to do their part to manage coyote populations.

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