Woman Bitten by Copperhead While Doing Laundry

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Woman Bitten by Copperhead While Doing Laundry

Posted 2019-06-21T23:31:00Z

Venomous snake was hiding on a ledge near basement steps, struck her in the arm

A Pennsylvania woman is recovering after a copperhead bit her as she was walking down her basement stairs to do laundry. The copperhead was coiled on a ledge beside the stairs.

Judy Reed, 65, called 911 and first responders rushed to her home.

She seemed shaken up. She definitely had two bite marks on her arm, Central Berks Regional Police Det. Sgt. Deron Mannel told WGAL 8. Reed was taken to Reading Hospital where she received treatment.

Reed's boyfriend, Harry Schlegel, who owns the home, said, When she told me, I came home and checked the sump pump to make sure there were no other snakes in there. And there weren't.

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officers snared the copperhead and relocated the snake to a safe location.

Mike Parker, with the Fish and Boat Commission, said when copperheads bite, it's usually in self-defense.

You're entering its space and it's reacting to that – trying to get you away, Parker said.

According to Live Science, copperheads bite more people in most years than any other U.S. species of snake. Fortunately, copperhead venom is not very potent. Their bites may be painful, but are rarely fatal. Still, children, seniors and anyone with a comprised immune system could have a strong reaction to a copperhead bite, and anyone bitten should seek medical attention immediately.

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