Woman Fights Off Attacking Fox With Scissors

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Woman Fights Off Attacking Fox With Scissors

Posted 2019-03-15T23:24:00Z

Woman Fights Off Attacking Fox With Scissors

An Alabama woman fought off a fox during what she said was the scariest moment of her life.

Alicia Jennings is the ninth fox-attack victim in Baldwin County since May of last year.

NBC 15 reports that the fox, likely rabid, lunged at Jenning in a driveway in Fairhope.

"He was going after me relentlessly," Jennings said.

She fell to the ground and was within inches of the fox's teeth.

"He has these razor-sharp, lots of teeth and he was right there in my face. I was terrified."

Jennings happened to have scissors in her hand that she'd been using moments before to break down boxes.

"The only thing I could think of was to attack him with the scissors and stab at him," she said.

She managed to escape the fox, make it into the house and call 911. Turned out she wasn't the only victim. Her friend's dog had been bitten an hour earlier, and the next-door neighbor had a close call, too.

"The animal came flying right at us and started to attack my dog and I kicked it out of the way," Robert Bilovesick said.

Responding officers shot and killed the fox that holed up under Jennings' car.

"Four shots to kill him. He just kept going. He kept shooting him. He kept going," Jennings said.

Jennings must now endure painful rounds of rabies treatment shots.

It is believed the fox was rabid, but the police disposed of it before it could be tested since the incident happened at night and the health department was closed. The Fairhope Police Department says it's reaching out to the state to see what should be done in the future when an incident like this happens after hours.

This is the ninth fox attack in Baldwin County since May 21 last year when three people were attacked the same day. Four of the nine fox attacks have happened in Fairhope. There were no reports of fox attacks in 2017 in Baldwin County.

Have you ever encountered a rabid fox?

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