Timber 2 Table - How to Skin a Rabbit Without a Knife

How to Skin a Rabbit Without a Knife

How to Skin a Rabbit Without a Knife



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Rabbits are among the most popular small game animals in the world. They're great eating, too. Rabbits are very easy—if a bit messy—to clean. Cleaning them, of course, starts with skinning them. And in this Timber 2 Table video, Kentucky rabbit hunter Ryan McCafferty demonstrates how to skin a rabbit without a knife.

Rabbit hide is very soft. McCafferty begins by simply making a tear along the back ankle with his fingers. He works the skin away from both back legs, and then separates it completely around the rabbit's body. From there, skinning the rabbit is as simple as getting a good hold on the hide and pulling it over and away from the head and front legs. Watch the video above. The process only takes about a minute.

After skinning, you can gut and quarter your rabbit. McCafferty usually skips the gutting step, though. Instead, he removes the head and feet with a heavy knife, meat cleaver or a pair of game scissors. He then removes each of the legs and the tenderloins—called the saddle—from the rabbit's back. Soak those pieces in saltwater overnight and prepare for an epic rabbit breakfast the following day.