Timber 2 Table - Turkey Pad Thai Pie

Break the mold on standard wild turkey recipes with this pad thai-style pizza

Turkey Pad Thai Pie

30 Min

Prep Time

15 Min

Cook Time





Here at Timber2Table, we are all about sharing wild game recipes from as many hunters as possible. This wild turkey recipe and the photos with it come from Don Evans and John Hafner.

The first step is always tagging a turkey.

This pizza is quick and easy to prep — perfect for parties and groups — and will surprise your taste buds with every bite. Turkey pad thai pie is the perfect way to usher in warmer weather and impress friends with your culinary creations.

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1 cooked pizza crust

2 cups thin-sliced cooked wild turkey breast

1 cup peanut sauce

2 cups mozzarella

1/2 cup fresh bean sprouts

1/2 cup fresh grated carrots

1/2 cup fresh shredded red cabbage

1/2 cup fresh thin-sliced red onion

1/4 cup crushed peanuts

2 tablespoons julienned basil

2 tablespoons julienned mint

Cooking Instructions

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Assemble the ingredients.

Wild turkey pairs well with the flavors of pad thai.

Next, spread sauce and turkey evenly on top of pizza crust.

Add the sauced turkey to the pizza crust.