4 Fall Turkey Hunting Tips

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4 Fall Turkey Hunting Tips

Posted 2018-09-04T10:13:00Z

Have You Tried These Autumn Flock Tactics?

Fall turkey hunting is legal in 42 states as of this writing. Check your current lawbook for opportunities, either in your state or by road trip. Tips for hunting second-season birds follow.

1. Pattern Flocks

Pattern fall turkeys that fly down and move to predictable feeding zones each day. Establish a blind somewhere between point A (the roost) and B (the food source). Get in there early and wait for action to come to you.

2. Study Sign

Damp droppings tell you fall birds were there recently. Concentrated feathers can indicate a roost site when slightly dispersed, or a predator kill when tightly compacted in a small area. Mixed sets of new and old tracks indicate flocks use the area regularly. Raked areas in the woods, especially along field edges or in food plots, often indicate autumn feeding zones.

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3. Scatter and Call Back

If you've scattered an autumn group, a traditional fall turkey hunting approach, quickly study the terrain and pick a calling setup that chances at drawing turkeys to you from many directions as they regroup.

4. Post Up

Since fall opportunities are often all-day affairs, gravitate toward those roosting sites in late afternoon to intercept birds before fly-up time.

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