5 Ways to Kill a Fall Turkey While Deer Hunting

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5 Ways to Kill a Fall Turkey While Deer Hunting

Posted 2017-11-07T05:01:00Z

Have You Ever Tried to Kill a Fall Turkey These Ways?

I know. You want the shooter buck on your hit list. But Thanksgiving is coming too.
If both seasons are open where you hunt, here's how to put a wild bird on the table while waiting for Mr. Double Drop Tine.

1. Get in the Air

You're bowhunting, and have tags for both, so find a game trail deer and turkeys share.

Put your treestand nearby, with good shooting lanes. Arrive early to position yourself close to roosted birds if possible, in the same areas whitetails have tracked up. In autumn, turkeys often fly down and move directly to feeding zones - often shared by deer. Hang a stand between these two spots. Wait on deer or turkeys to move from fields to your position.

Tip: Carry a mouth diaphragm for making flock talk when the whitetail action gets slow. Mix it up.

2. Trail-Cam Twofer

Seeing both turkeys and deer on your trail cameras? Time your hunts and tactics to legally target both.

Tip: States you hunt might offer a season on fall birds you don't know about. Do some research.

Hunt deer where you might see fall turkeys too. (Heartland Bowhunter photo)

3. Stay Out There

Hunting season is short. Hunt hard. Wait on whitetails in the early morning and late afternoon. Swap out your deer rifle for your turkey shotgun back at camp. Chase fall flocks between late morning and midday in a nearby location. Scatter flocks to gain a calling advantage, as discussed in this fall turkey hunting video. You might even see deer in this new spot.

Tip: Nap before heading out again to gain an edge and maintain your stamina. It's one way to make a day of fall hunting feel like several quality outings.

4. Stake a Blind

Find a field whitetails and fall flocks visit, especially pinch points heading to it. Drop a pop-up blind there. Watch. Wait. Pick your shots.

Have you patterned fall turkeys that fly down and move to predictable feeding zones each day, grazing about with the deer? If so, establish a blind somewhere between their roost and the food source. Get in there early, the same time you would for whitetails, and wait for action to come to you.

Tip: This style of autumn turkey hunting is particularly effective for bowhunters, as it affords relaxed concealment before the shot is taken.

5. Talk It Up

Talk to other deer hunting buds. Are they seeing fall turkeys but ignoring the opportunity? Bargain for a shot at those birds. Put them on deer you aren't hunting too.

Tip: Trade hunts with buds in neighboring states. Make the most of your season by hunting deer and fall turkeys at the same time.

Ever do this? Any luck? Comment below.

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