Christmas Gift Ideas for the Turkey Hunter

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Turkey Hunter

Posted 2017-12-05T11:44:00Z

Have You Seen These Gifts for Turkey Hunters?

Check out this video of the CZ 612 Magnum Turkey Gun in Realtree Xtra® Green.

We have a running joke in this house, my wife and I.

"Steve, what's on your Christmas list?"

"Honey," I say smiling, "all I need is more time."

So with that, my first suggestion . . .

Skeleton Optics Scout - Realtree Xtra Edition


Give the gift of time. Yep, you heard right.

Time, especially during hunting season, is precious. You've got work duties, family events and the wild turkey you're after could care less.

To really do it right, to hunt well and with meaning, some devotion to the effort is needed.

If I just had one more day I could kill that bird . . .

Routinely my better half and I share plans, trade dates, accommodate for each other. And that's tough considering I hunt a handful to a half-dozen spring turkey states and plenty each fall.

Get with a calendar. Check out season dates. Share your plans with everybody else concerned. Balance is what you're after, and keeping everybody happy.

Gift idea: To the significant others of turkey hunters, consider making unique handmade slips of paper saying something like: "One free day of turkey hunting whenever you want." I stole this idea from my daughter's elementary school teacher way back when (she's a college sophomore now). I've some "Good for one day of fishing with daddy" slips yet to be cashed in. There's no expiration date . . . Kind of unusual. Inexpensive. And fun on Christmas morning.

Men's Reload Hiker - Realtree Xtra

A Good Knife

I guarantee some of you reading this have a favorite knife clipped to your front jeans pocket. You have one stashed in your truck. You have others around the house or where you store your hunting and fishing stuff.

And I'm guessing you need just one more. Me, too. It's funny how during the season not one of those knives will be with you in camp, forgotten at home in the vast collection of others.

Maybe we're just forgetful. Or maybe we store gear too well.

Either way, one more cool hunting knife in the red-and-white stocking above the woodstove won't hurt.

Here are two favorites I've carried this year in both spring and fall turkey camps:

The Realtree® Xtra™ Green Camo Knife by Buck Knives.

The Milwaukee Tool FASTBACK™ Camo Spring Assisted Knife.

Gift idea: Why not buy two? Nobody in my circle ever complains about having too many knives.

The Realtree® Xtra™ Green Camo Knife by Buck Knives. (Realtree/Bill Konway photo)

A Custom Turkey Call

The old Lynch box you've been killing gobblers with over the past several decades is full of memories, I know that. I've a collection of my own from back in the day. You've earned yourself a custom turkey call and should put it on your wish list.

Yes, many inexpensive calls will kill turkeys, spring and fall. But if you haven't run a custom box call from some of our country's great callmakers, your life as a turkey hunter isn't quite complete. There's quite a difference in quality. You may even sound better in the turkey woods.

A300 Outlander Turkey Xtra Green Camo

One note, some custom callmakers have a back list of many orders.

As with taxidermy, it can take a year or years to get that item in your hands, be it a wing-bone yelper, scratch or long box.

Be patient. The wait is worth it.

Gift idea: How you share this information with the gift buyer is anyone's guess. Maybe have a buddy do it. First study up on options before you make your choice. Ask around.

Use social media to sniff out callmakers (many use Facebook and even Twitter). And then, share your research with a friend who will sneakily convey your desire for that high-end custom call.

Better yet, make one yourself: DIY Turkey Call: Building a Bamboo Wingbone-Style Yelper

Knight & Hale Products

Check out this turkey hunting gear from Knight & Hale:

Run & Gun Turkey Keeper Call Pouch

Some turkey hunters get their bird by blind sitting.

Others hunt in snake country, where if it doesn't bite you, it might stick, poke or stab you. You could probably use these in places like Texas.

And this Knight & Hale Turkey Burger Call Pouch in Realtree Xtra can handle pot calls, mouth calls and strikers, all in one package.

New Turkey Ammo

The 20-gauge shotgun, and new loads to serve them, are trending these days in the world of turkey hunting.

As you veterans know, 25 "bigger is better" years ago it was the 10 gauge. Go figure.

And some 12-gauge turkey gunners have stayed right in place.

Stocking stuffer? Winchester's New Long Beard XR 20-Gauge Turkey Load

Go here for more Realtree turkey hunting.

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