First Shot at Fall Turkeys

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First Shot at Fall Turkeys

Posted 2012-09-09T09:35:00Z

First Shot at Fall Turkeys

Where can you get your first shot at fall turkeys this season?

Ryan Cornell already did. His is easily one of the first tagged turkeys this autumn season. It's the first fall bird I've had reported. Sure, you can even argue killing one on the Sept. 1 Colorado fall turkey season opener as he did merits summer hunting attention. What's really cool is he tagged the longbeard in northern Colorado above 8,000 feet. And yep, he made that neat turkey tote out of a deer antler.

Here's a link to the fall turkey he reported to the Realtree turkey blog last season as well.

Where can you also get a first shot at fall turkeys? Three states follow here:

Kentucky fall turkey season. (Archery turkey opened Sept. 1 as well.)

New Hampshire fall turkey season. (Archery turkey begins Sept. 15.)

Wisconsin fall turkey season: (Link goes to "Deer" first, then click on "Wild Turkey"; opens Sept. 15.) Check here for information on leftover Wisconsin fall turkey permits.

Where will you get your first shot at fall turkeys? Let us know in the comments section below and thanks.

Steve Hickoff is the Realtree turkey hunting editor and blogger. Send your fall turkey reports with a photo to [email protected] and good luck out there.